Yeah, buts… are just you avoiding your BS. Excuses. When you let one or two into your space, they begin to multiply until you are frozen in inaction. ⁣
Here are some Yeahbut examples…⁣

You know you should move or workout:⁣
“Yeah, but it’s cold/hot outside.”⁣
So what, just put on your shoes and go.
“Yeah, but I only have an hour before I need to start making dinner.”⁣

You know how to hit your macros today:⁣
“Yeah, but my coworkers brought in donuts and then my boss bought pizza.”⁣
Have a doughnut and ask boss to order you a salad instead:⁣
“Yeah, but that would make me uncomfortable.”⁣

They start to breed when you cannot justify keeping the first one and you really just don’t want to do something difficult or uncomfortable. ⁣

Catch yourself before you let them overtake your yard. ⁣

I think before they manifest outta my mouth now. I catch my clients doing it and we back up a step to get to the real reason, so we can push forward.⁣

Have someone call you on it if you can’t avoid those buggers until you can be accountable on your own. ⁣