“We are going to start with a reverse diet, so get ready for a little more food!”⁣

I have told clients this with success, but I’ve failed telling myself the same. ⁣

I came from a program where I lost a lot of weight, but my intake was low from beginning to end. When the scale started climbing again, I went back to low intake. It has not worked. I know better too. Anyone can diet you down, but reversing you up requires patience, diligence and consistency.⁣ I help others through this.

All coaches need coaches. I have @fitcfo for my finances and @chasitysnowden_in3@jasonphillips_in3 for my business, so now I’m working with @brandywann to get my fueling back on point.⁣

In addition to my personal goals in this process, I hope to learn better ways to relate to my clients going through a reverse.

There is a lot out there on reverse dieting and unfortunately, most of it revolves around dieted down bodybuilding types.⁣

That is definitely not me or most of my clients, but it doesn’t mean we don’t deserve to have the foods, the strength, the health, and be at peace with our bodies. ⁣

Here is to eating all the foods!⁣ ⁣

Need help figuring out if you need more food? Apply for coaching!