Atomic Habits by James Clear

I try and read or listen to a book a month. From here on out, I’m going to post them with a short review. This was one of my April/May choices. I did the book on Audible, so I didn’t have all of the worksheets at hand, but he offers them up on a website, so listening to it is fine. I actually have gone back and listened to Chapter 2 several times. He also puts snippets of his core principals out if you sign up for his email list, so you have some additional resources. The number one lesson out of this book is to just do 1% better everyday and the next thing you know, big changes accumulate. There is great info in here on habit stacking, how our identities drive our habits, and implementing systems for change support.

I’ve not read many, or any, books on habits, so I don’t really have a comparison, but people seem to love this book for good reason. Since we focus on changing habits, this is a great read to get you in the right frame of mind to make some changes in your life whether it be gaining good habits or losing bad ones.

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