OK, I need to admit I never read her other book, Girl Wash Your Face. Why would I need to? I already know that. I have not been on the Rachel Hollis fan bus. I didn’t even know who she was. Basically, she is a really driven gal that has built herself and empire and wants to help you do the same.

I got Girl, Stop Apologizing on Audible to listen to on my walks. I am a serial apologist. I apologize for everything. Things in my control and things not even close to my control. I thought maybe this book would help. Mmm, not really with that problem.

She is basically telling you to go out and do what you need to do to be you and do it to your fullest. Stop apologizing for being yourself and asking for help. Stop apologizing for inconveniencing others. Nothing wrong there. My only complaint is she made me feel like I don’t do enough even though she talks about having others help her out with almost everything. That is a refreshing take from an IG celeb that looks like everything is effortless. I feel like if I follow some of the advice, I will just be a narcissistic asshole. But that may just be my own issue.

She actually reads her book for the Audible, so there is that. She is a great entertainer. So, if you need a little girl power boost. Give it a listen.

Girl, Stop Apologizing on Amazon