Sign up for the BearPAL 42 Day FAT LOSS and FREEDOM Challenge!

(Yes, that is 6-weeks!)

  • Ready to FINALLY see the results from all of your hard work in the gym?
  • Are you ready to be confident in your food choices and improve your habits?
  • Do you hate diets like we do?
  • Is it time to wear that bathing suit with CONFIDENCE?
  • Can we end the confusion around diets and nutrition once and for all?!
  • Not sure if you are ready for full-time nutrition coaching, but know you want the results that it delivers?

👇What you will get:👇

A flexible plan for YOUR activity level and YOUR goals, and most importantly, YOUR life.

You will learn the basics of nutritional success including energy balance, meal prep, macros, movement, etc.

A personal coach, as well as support from our private community.

Lifestyle hacks to ensure that your diet is not only easy to manage, but that it WORKS!

How you earn points over the 6 weeks:

  • Minimum daily protein intake reached
  • Daily calorie range hit
  • Minimum daily fiber goal
  • Veggie-containing meals
  • Minimum daily water intake
  • Tracking weight daily
  • Taking progress pictures or measurements weekly
  • Workouts posted on Facebook group or on your IG or FB with #beapalchallenge
  • Several surprise opportunities for bonus points throughout the challenge!

What you do NOT get in this Challenge:

  • Prizes based on the amount of weight you lose – just starving yourself to win a Challenge? Not a healthy way to build habits and a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Prizes based on your before and after photos – we could give you poverty calories to get those pics, but again, not a healthy or sustainable lifestyle.

Instead, you will:


  • Track your progress, and you will make progress, but real success will be measured by how AMAZING you feel throughout the journey!
  • Learn new habits that can sustain you on the way to reaching your goals!

Dates to remember:

  • Sign-up and payment by August 17th
  • Challenge starts August 19th and ends September 30th
  • First 10 signups entered for a bonus gift card give away and get early access to materials

Prize packets for top three challengers including:

FREE month of nutrition coaching (1:1, Group, or the next Challenge) and cash prizes!

Only 20 participants will be accepted to assure you get the attention and interaction you need.

What other Challengers are saying:

Working with Courtney has been so valuable! The direction, knowledge and support shared from Courtney is empowering. Courtney is relatable, realistic and easy to work with. I look forward to continuing to work with her.


Courtney’s moderate approach to foods, where nothing is off-limits but everything has to be balanced out is much healthier than extreme diets that are popular. She’s made me learn that I don’t need as much oil for cooking and expanded my cooking repertoire.


This six-week challenge was exactly what I needed to further understand how important it is to fuel my body with the right foods and consistently eat within a range of calories to make sure my body doesn’t feel starved. I’ve noticed a big difference during my lifting sessions, I have more energy and focus which allows me to continue improving and lift heavier.


I came to BearPal because I wanted to find a calorie range that fit my lifestyle. I had a hard time doing this on my own because of so much conflicting information out there. After BearPal’s Challenge, I’ve definitely found the calorie range that makes me happy and keeps me on track. I also became aware of the importance of my daily protein intake. After six weeks, I now sleep great, I feel good when I exercise and most importantly, I’ve learned how to structure my meals to fit my goals 😃