Empowering you with the information

you need to reach YOUR

performance, aesthetic, or longevity goal.

Empowering you with the information

you need to reach YOUR

performance, aesthetic, or longevity goal.

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What do we do at BearPal Nutrition?

Our current programs all include:

  • A review of your current food intake, exercise modality and frequency, sleep, stress and other lifestyle factors that can all affect your success. It is not just about the food.
  • Customized macro targets based on YOU, not an average person your height and weight like a template program would provide. Not ready for macros, we can still help. 
  • Recommendations for hydration, food timing, and supplementation for YOU.
  • Accountability, motivation, and education. We will set smaller goals and you will be given the tools and education you need to crush those on the way to your bigger goal.  

You decide the level of weekly communication you are most comfortable with:

  • In person, if local, email or 30-minute phone consult once a week.
  • Text and mid-week emails are included with all levels.

Initial macro calculations and other customized options including couples, group, and specific habit-based programs available.

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BearPAL Nutrition Specializes in:


  • I’m in my 50’s and menopausal, so if you are a female, I have been where you are, or where you are heading, and I know how difficult it can be balancing your physical and health goals with work, family, and other demands. My perspective gives me a unique ability to relate to the gals moving through life’s stages.
  • I have struggled with hypothyroidism for the last 9 years. If you have been diagnosed, just know there is hope. Proper nutrition, movement, stress reduction and sleep have changed my life. 
  • I have been a CrossFitter for 10+ years. I have gone through the competitive bug, the burnout, and now I just enjoy it in a balanced way. We can work to get you stronger, be a firebreather, or just look better naked. CrossFit not your thing? No worries. We can work with your physical capabilities and preferences. 



About BearPAL Nutrition


Whether you are concerned with performance, aesthetics or longevity, a flexible, macro-based approach can help you meet your goal. It is not jut about the food - we will work on stress, sleep, habits, hormones, mindset and other factors that help you reach your goals. If you have never heard of macros, we will start there and progress as you are comfortable with the process. 

What sets our coaching apart from a template program is the focus on education and communication. Whether familiar with counting macros or not, we will start with your current comfort level and provide educational opportunities tailored to you. We want you to learn from the process. We want you to know why you are doing what you are doing. You will have access to me through text and email. We will have a periodic review of your progress depending on your coaching level where we look at your food intake, biofeedback, and measurements, and then we discuss any adjustments necessary to help you crush your goals. This is ultimately your journey, and I am here to help you along the way!

BearPAL Options for Interaction:

  • Nutrition Seminars - we come to your group or gym and talk about the basics to the complicated. Free!
  • Challenges - if you are not sure if you want to work one on one with a coach, but are curious about flexible dieting, start here.  The next Challenge starts August 19th!
  • Group Coaching - if you know macros and just need some accountability and adjustments, this option provides a dedicated Facebook Group, periodic check ins, customized macros and adjustments, and 12-weeks of educational content.
  • 1:1 Coaching - our most 'hands on' experience. You get the same as group coaching, but with phone check ins every 7-12 days with deeper dive into you goals and metrics.
  • Couples Coaching - it is easier with your partner! Same as 1:1 coaching and you can check in with your partner or separately. Each person gets their own attention, but you are better able to help each other be accountable.